Sunday, 26 February 2012

Doing one's best

Well its over 1 week since I was in Brighton and I still get twinges. Nobody in so ironed some of Paiges things, bad moment.  Women with leggings and flat shoes showing a bit of the foot tend to be a problem too because thats what I wore.  In the 70's and 80's there were one off plays where a person would go somewhere new, goodthings would happen and it would end happily.  Bit of wishfullment but not impossible.  So I go to Brighton, wednesday snog and chat to loopy Irishwomen, thursday OK Alison Dale, friday, Kim party but saturday.  Well, go for meal but waiter puts sandwichws on table says free as overbought, eat them go to town with gurl just met.  Legends change, meet drag artist, gg, pretty girls wearing very little at bar.  Disco OK.  Alright add MAC makeover and out dressed 2 daysthe Signalman, its all good, not for you presumably.  Other times been in nLegends , nothing, out with Stella, nothing.  Lets go with the concept of overfishing, go occasionally wonderful things happe.  Go regularly not so wonderful.  Perhaps its just some self justification but great few days.  Pic shows me in Brighton museum clothes section, handy mirror.  George the 4th;s breetches, sarum 4 PVC dress.  Paige's best effort.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In the field

Well the holiday has been and gone.  The little bit of warmth to keep me going after Christmas and the dark mornings has happened.  Did it live up to expectations, was it a success? Oh yes it was.  Lets start critical.  The drwessing service was, as ever, less than perfect.  There was no "extras" removing the makeup after 20 mins and changing out of a skirt noty sure what that was about.  Prefer to see it as a friendly thing , not needing to make the effort, eating the salad together again bonus.  The possibility of actually getting an article would be lovely but there is form there so not holding my breath.  It was all over by 4.30, train 8.34 from Victoria so the rest of that evening was a bit disapointing, just walking around Victoria, not ideal.   Had I known would have got earlier ticket. 
Then to Paige's days out.  The evening one was just to get "sealegs", the "Hi mate, do you have a lighter" moment hmm, not in any way aggressive lets call it acceptance.  Day 1 out, OK the boots looked good but were a nightmare to walk for extended periods in.  No overall plan but hit loads of targets, the MAC makeover went well, only spent £48 so result.  Great effect on the eyes. Shame Buddha closed.  Evening party, again a success, happy with that , the young gurl there was a nice bonus.  Day2, was there any plans for a day2 anyway? Again the boots, having to buy the same booties I had already was a pain but definatly necessary.  The wig was a mess, that spolit things as did the money worries but even so big success.  The evning meeting was absolutly so much better than could reasonably expected.  Fiddly ending but no matter.  Out in heels, stockings and a short skirt, lovely.  The "changed yournpanties" moment, fab.  So complete utter success beyond expectations.  Learnt things;  shoes need to be comfortable, need to sort out a proper bag, need to sort out a coat, need to be on top of game with wig.  Cup half full, happy with so much, started on voice, bit of useful makeup practise, the walk needs not be too exagarated, thwe scarf works well, loved the earrings.