Saturday, 30 January 2016

Storm Warning

Well J has definately broken up with ther boyfriend  This is bad news all round, especially for her but the girl now cannot rely on a few night s a week free or the posiblility of the odd weekend. March will not happen. To compound this K is away at Uni (as they say) so no escape there either. Granted the thyroid sems to have knocked the girl back a bit but even so it starts to feel like a much dryer place. This is not good. Started the year with a bad New Years Eve, really looking forward to it and it had almost become a tradition.
There was also a sense of where I am going with being Trans, OK accepted it, go out on the holidays but also the slight sense its not as big as used to be. Well possibly, lets see what Manchester does and delivers. There is a voice app need to take a look at. It is not guaranteed summer 2016 will be Brighton. Once the thyroid is sorted things will be clearer. On the plus sid the weight is probably just below 12 st so that is something!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Well Its A Go, Sortish

Well Spring 2016 has been booked. Sunday to wednesday two effective days. Sadly the cost of a wednesday would have put the cost too high. No dressing service, no longer there, feel bad about that. Its rather taken the wind out of my sails. Two days of going out dressed, probably Manchester and Liverpool. Possibly even Sunday night but thats less certain. Three days wouldhav ebeen nier but a certain sense that not upto it. The thought ofbeing in a hotel room just does not excite me, curiosly being in Brighton does. Manchester just doesnot really do it for me. Canal street well not a big thing in my one experience. Possibly if hadsorted things out earlier might have got 4 days. Not extatic about the train either. Brighton would have been just too far. Itsbeen a poor time for the girl recently starting with a very limited Xmas, Nw Years Eve was a wash out. Sadly it looks as if there is going to be more of that. Ned a new coat ideally, sense of museums coming into my mind. Be nice to see the Williamson tunnels, The Palm House, The Philarmonic. Worried about the time spent getting ready to go out, that puts a cramp on things. Could do with a new wig, yes well.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pevsner On Standby

Managed to dress for a few hours on thursday night, no makeup or pics but was surprisingly happy on friday. May or may not be connected.
After a false start managed to get holidays approved. Finally decided to go to dressing service. Really perked me up must say. Then a little bit of Googling found the bad nes it had been almost literally washed away and would not be restarting, gutted.  Should have gone in Nov when had chance. Feel sorry for girl who ran it, wonder what she will do next.  So there is still the week off, probably down to manchester on sunday, back thursday, so thats £200 for accommodation. What to do? Well go out dressed, say Liverpool one day last go at Palm House, a day in Manchester but that is less certain then some time in Preston but, again nothing is definite. Toyed with staying in Liverpool but thats not really a good idea. Need to sort out shoes, possibly boots, not sure about coat, probably white cagoule again. Will do an entry on the dressing service later sad business.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Not A Great Start To The Year

Well New Years Eve didnot happen, surprisingly badly gutted by it. Very surprised by how badly annoyed by it I was. However lets move on to 2016. With a bit of luck there will be a chance to dress in about 3 weeks time, with an interesting possibility in early March, if it still happens. To be honest really could do with a chance to dress.  Sorted out storage, well sort of and need to spend some time putting things into the proper boxes as I can now do. There may be the option of even using a small room as a studio, suspect it will be too small but its possible and certainly would be very useful.
Going to have a holiday in February which will involve dressing, probably Manchester, perhaps even Alison. Perhaps not. Need to see where the finances are.
The thyroid has put any thoughts of hormones on hold. Well that had probably gone anyway but even so. There has been reoorts on the Internet about a minor celebrity detransitioning. I suspect the problem, not in this case necessarily, is people are binary about Trans, its either all or nothing. Whereas it is a sliding scale where all positions are valid. Personally I would like to go full time but coild probably go with being femme rather a lot more than I am at the moment. Possibly but I do get the sense of time and the opportunity slipping through my fingers somehow. After all still have not started work on the voice.