Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Microdermal Lost

For reasons not totally explained it is now December the 26th and this is my first post. On the plus side did get a Christmas card sent out, not ideal had hoped to get something more original but it will do. Also probably will get New Years Eve to myself too, absolute result.
The right microdermal has looked off for a few days, the head was at an  angle and the skin undernearh reddened.  I assumed it was merely an infection but this afternoon in the bathroom took another look.  The tip of the bracket could be almst seen and it was apparent it was unseated. I had been toying with getting them reoved anyway so pulled and it came out partly.  It took 5 minutes gentle moving and masaging for a final pull which was not painful at all to remove the microdermal bracket in totality. Very very little blood and glad its gone. Not so sure about the other two but still feel better.
Had the microdermals for over 5 years, lets say 7 that feels right. They had run their course I suppose several years ago, they had been exciting and unusual but never really lived up to their potential.  They were a gap between the nipple piercings and the scrotum piercings before the P.A. All in all they had a good innings so cannot complain.

Used to have a La senza day where i would wear new lingerie bought as a Xmas present to the gurl.  At the time not confident enough to do this when not Xmas.  The black cardboard box, the pink pouch of nicely smelling crystals, it was very nice. It ad a god vibe and really was something to look forward to. Moved on and thats not so much of a big thing any more but really need more dressing. Should get time this holiday.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Manchester, bit of a result.

OK then back from Manchester. first post for too long which probably says something. There was briefly an idea to do manchester en drab with no dressing. It was an idea which had some merit and was not followed up. I did cut back and only took 1 set of clothes really for going out in the day. There was a day in Manchester and a half day in Preston and a half day in Manchester dressed. No big wow moment but what which second small bag and the boots and insoles there was limited issues which most definately helped. Thr feet and knees stayed fine, the eyes not too much of an issue and even the wig went well. A last minute email to S about a possible meet didnot happen but it was not really ever high up on the radar anyway. Too much walking and getting lost. Need really need to get a new coat and some new tops, definately. The problem, and not for the first time, is that when it all works you think it might be possible to go further.
Three, four years ago I had a support group, was taking hormones and there was a sense that  there was a further place to go which was possible without "coming out" as they say. Perhaps there is but only recently has more dressing been possible, more pics and possibly the thyroid getting better though it is still off. There is no 5 year plan at all. There is a sense that this is as good as it is going to get.
Though it all went well there was an increasing sense that I do not look young and have to accept that and move on. Never going to pass and accept that and seem to have ground to a halt with the voice. Do need more and possibly a few occasions amonth todress and say 2 short holidays and a long holiday may be enough. We all want to look like a young girl but middle aged? Well thats the question.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Save For Tomorrow

First off, did a photosession yesterday.  It was the real proper experience, light boxes, garage, set up a set the whole enchalida. It startd going silly when the intervalometer played up rather a lot and that became an issue. It was the Madeline Smith/halloween picsso glad to get them done. With a bit of luck should also get a chance to do anothe rmore obviously jokey set later in the month. I suspected the laptop was filling up on the C drive but thought it reasonable to assume that isues would not appear with over 6 Gb of  space still free. Sadly it this I was wrong. The hard drive was whirring away a lot but ignored it until realised the issue.
Ended up dumping a lot of pics onto the external hard drive and freed up quite a lot of space.  Half way through the laptop and the external hard drive stoped talking to each other. It required a reboot and  10 mins for them to reconnect. For a brief period I did worry that I had managed to trash the equivalent of the FAT table on the external hard drive. That set me thinking about how much I actually needed and how much I could lose. Granted thats a silly question as you do not know what will become useful in the future and also you should be able to just dump it all onto the backup. My backup is an external hard drive but only 1 and thats not really good enough as todays brief scare showed. I have 2 old NAS boxes but need to spend real money on HDD to get them really working properly. At the very least I need another external hard drive.
Going back to the question regarding how much will be useful in the future? To be honest very few pics hav ebeen useful so far, there is anaawful lot of redundancy. Be sorry to lose some of the A D pics, the holiday pics too and some of my own work. The JL pics from the first session have sadly disappeared apart from a few important ones, which is depressing. I have an image of a future me looking at these pics for, sadly, i am on a downward spiral. If i were say 30 today i could expect a good 15-20 years before age would start to whither me. Ideally I could grow my own hair long and it would be a lovely auburn. OK too much thinking that way is just depressing but I am managing decline. slowing down the slowing down. Not going to get all Bladerunner "tears in the rain" but each time i look a a new set of pics i do wonder. It goes, of course it does, but there is a sense that one day it will not be enough to be thin and have good legs! There is a gg as they say on Flickr who once was clearly  a beauty and was happy to show it but today still likes the attention but the pics have spent perhaps too long in photoshop. That is not a place i would like to be. Of course we all believe that point is far away. Lets be positive I am still catching up for lost time.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Well that was progress

Just looked at the Flickr stream and saw the pic of me sunbathing on Hove shingle. Suppose there are so many things which just happen when on holiday but only now looked at the pic and thought wow. There I am in a one piece swim suit sunbathing on a towel showing a lot of skin just like a proper girl. More than that i had worn a sundress with a scoop back and cut to show alot of leg and walked there and just taken the dress off, in a ladylike way and lay there. showed legs and feet. Plam A was to wear a bikini but let down by the tucking, as it was did not stand up much as the tucking was still not ideal bit even so its a big thing really, granted the wig was a bit off and perhaps the makeup a bit tired and the flats should have been flipflops but all in all an absolute result. got to say did not look too bad, well from a distance.
There was half a plan a aspitation to do the same last year but even with the fun of changing into it underneath in a local pub did not find a suitable area ws comfortable to do it. however did this year.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Heavy Metal Again

Last night managed to put the 6 mm PA piercing in. The white area was looking quite small so decided it was worth a go. Still took say 20 mins and a bit of work but not as much as the 5 mm and there was no blood. So thats been done and its all good, odd twinge but thats to be expected. The aim is to go to 7 mm then see where we are. Put the 5 mm in March so really doing rather well. 6 mm does look like a proper size, happy with it. The issue is above 7 mm the hole requires surgery to heal, or so I have read. On the Internet so must be true.
Slight concern the piercings make tuckingharder. Have not dressed for quite soe time, possibly even 2 months, gulp. There was a possibility of today but that didnot happen, another window of opportuity should hopefully arise soon, ideally duing the half term holidays so I can borrow some props for some pics.                    Laptop being silly so will stop now.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

In The Right Direction

Weighed myself this mornong, 11st 12 3/4.  Yesterday it was a pond more. This seems to hav ebeen my default weight for some time now. I am sot of in dieting mode, been cutting down but not the drink, started running again and so was hoping weight was going down. Sadly it has not. THe body looks reasonable so thats something.
The face has a slight jowly look to it. The hope was that as I reached target weight that would go, however now I do not expect that to happen, it has probaby been 3 years since below 11stone 7 lb  at the very least so not overly optomistic about what the face looks like when get there again.
Having said all that more of the weight is probably due to muscles so do not need to lose as much weight. The love handles are much smaller bt sort of still there, its al getting there.
The problem is this is the very hard bit. Last time it took so much effort to go from 12 st to 11 and a half, a lot of time, pilates and dieting.  All in all its getting better, slowly.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Hotel California

A Tgirl I have a lot of respect for has posted on Flickr that she has stopped and finished her dressing days. A lot of other girls, me included, have said best of luck for the future but one wrote"It aint over, I wish you the best of luck but..." The problem is I think she is actually correct and the girl cannot stop dressing. On another website a girl who has a lot of experience wrote that the only thing that was sure was once a  Tgirl allways a Tgirl.
Obviously we cannot know but deep down it feels as if the girl is just there now. I am not dressing much and the cold weather tends to put a dampner on it as well but I do not feel I could ever stop for good. Currently my arguement is that I was without the girl for so long and i never got romantically attached so its hardly likely to happen now which I am not sure is a good or a bad thing really. OK I do, its a bad thing.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Post Holiday Blues

The girl has started to ping again. Feel the need to dress, not a big surprise but after Summer 2017 it might have been nice if it had taken longer to resurface. During the holiday there was a day where Ididnot dress as they footfelt bad, it was a quick out of the door, no putting on makeup and clothes etc. If I were to go say fuller time I would have to factor in makeup as I could not go out without some makeup. The not doing laser sometimes begins to bite and it would have been good, certainly a close shave helps. Started epilating again and the smooth skin for longer certainly helps. I am probably 12 st going up and down a bit. Need to get back to losing weight mode, the running is kicking in and that will help. As will doing pilates again. Do not look too bad, lost at least half a stone, but more to go.
The next holiday is in  6 weeks time but may go sightly after duringterm time. Manchester or Leeds probably, not done Leeds but heard good things about it.
There was no real celebration of 10 years of the girl, nor any epiphany either, just moving on in a slow way. Lets blame the foot.Has to be said if still going after 10 yeasr then its here for good. There has been no major advance for a couple of years, partly due to the thyroid and home events but mainly due to the fact that all the easy stuff has been done. The hormone time was valuable but it was probably wise to stop when i did, granted hardly started but mentally it was quite strong.
During the holiay there was no real time to stop and consider where I am and how I had got there. OK there was but I didnot was too busy doing it I suppose. It is probably the case that there will not be significant change until significant change in my circumstances. There is a stronger chance than for 2 years that i can spend New Years Eve as the girl which would be good. Got a couple of links to ebay sites for a possible belly dancer burlesue costume which may come to fruitation.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Probably Better Than Expected

It is sunday afternoon and I am recovering from an optical migraine, it is over a week ago since I returned from the holiday, so how was it for you? Lets start with London. Two days inthe capital, tubes, museums, shops. The feet got trashed as did a couple of the toes, I was not used to walking such distances, a sorbathane sole would have helped, that long walk down the road to the room, the longer walk around after having found Stompie. Did museums, talked to people, not bad at all really. Brighton; well too much walking, bad toesa nd feet, only got better shoes too late. Still better than not having a holiday. No proper walk so not in the church, a compromise was reached which got some decent pics so thats OK.  There is the sauna, well a success, ideally would have enemed but time was not on my side. Possibly I do look old, prefer to believe the body is good and seeing others it is bu the face and hair are old, still hit all the targets there, a bit more intimacy would have been nice but did well. The Terence Higgins HIV test, syphilis and big bag of lube abd condoms was reasuring but ended up feeling a bit of a fraud, better safe than sorry and will investigate PrePip for next holiday, good to now clear. Spur of the moment thing but worth it. The weather didnot really help but the sundress was a definite success, the freedom and sense of airiness, just remember sunbloc next time. The beach in a swin suit, good, tucking not ideal would have preferred a bikini but that just didnot work. There is a sense that need to spend a bit longer initially and again into the day out on checking the presentation, relying too much on the "indness of strangers." The weight was better than it might have been but could have been better, but again it was the best I could do. There were definite "in the zone" moments quite a few to be fair but the foot let it down. The museum of Transology was a good moment too. Would like some new clothes, the sundress will become a staple, the new small crossover bag was a result too. White wine spritzer at Legends went fine too. It would have been nice to meet other gurls but understandably that didnot happen. Shame no cooridor pics but thats a small thing. Basically I was not physically fit enough for a long day and had to cut my cloth accordingly. An awful  lot did work and there is no real sense that much was missed, possibly Ghostwalk and pavilion. Ultimately there was only 5 days and I needed a rest at about 4 ish.  Thats OK. Brighton as ever went better than expected but probably not next year, well if the Pavilion is a possibility well possibly.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Is It Me Your Looking For?

It is monday and I started my packing. I realised one reason why it was so difficult was the weight if expectation of the holiday. If i packed the wrong thing would i regeret it and would the holiday be wiped out by it.  Nonsense of course but there we are. I am going to big citioes anything i really need i can buy there.  Once my razor failed the screwthread competely went, i got a new, accpetable razor in half an hour so there is really not much to worry about. On wednesday I will take another look and discard stuff and do a trip to the town and buy things to help the holiday.  The trip down will require M and S G and T, Lush soap and shampoo bars, protein bars. Today i bought studiofix MAC foundation, surprised it was £23. There was probably enough in the bottle to last but not taking that risk. The local Debenhams has a MAC counter which rather spoilt the image.  It should be perfectly made up ladies in black with a bag of expensive MAC brushes strapped round them. Instead the bag looking back reminded me of an old bus conductors leather bag for change. Then again they were probably hoping for not the local chavs or sad lloking 50 plus men saying do you have this as i held out the offending empty bottle. Else where I would have been en femme and saying Look i am a subset of your target audience. Not the Newcastle franchise granted but else where. So say Brighton all those foreign elegent rich young girls could see me and think that is part of the exotica of Brighton, what a good story it will make for my friends.
Interestingly i was walking out looking at the MAC box and making sure it was the right NW number and a rather attractive woman with a pixie cut stopped me and said "is it me you are loking for? It is micheal?" she continued at my puzzled expression. I said no and hopefully looked polite and not slightly in a way to embarass her.  These things do no hapen to me. Granted deep down I know that these events are nothing but trivia but even so you wonder. Who is Michael? I had a sort of idea she saw me coming away from MAC holding a MAC box and she was a MAC employee about to go on to shift. Or some closet Tgirl waiting to meet an off duty MAC person. I shall never know but deep down know the answer is going to be very prosaic. For me life does not work like that.
In Brighton twice I have been in Legends and unexpected things have happened. Sadly too many times it has not. Thats the problem.I have written before about the girl walking up South over street with the clumping boots. Its the potential, there is a sense that it just might, it just might. Its 2017 and too amny times it just didnot. I accept  I have to make it happen in some way, add the energy of activation to the catalyst. Its not going to happen at my home town but it might in Brighton. How many times do you have to be disappointed to say lets move on, and not just for trans reasons?

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Looking Back, Looking Forward

From 2000 to 2007 the Brighton holiday was quite fun, the original first years very much so, it has to be said that by 2005 it was because to an extent of its cheapness. There would be a few days with Mr G, a walk with Mr G and a few walks by myself. It hung together but there was  a creeping sense that it was no longer enough. Then in 2007 we had a paradigm shift, it could have happened at least a year earlier possibly 2. It is difficult to over estimate the enjoyment I got dressing in my room, putting on makeup and having a meal and getting quietly drunk, listening to music. It was as good as I was going to get, a trip to Lacies or possibly Doreens for new clothes, A trip up to London for a dressing appointment, glorious.  The time in the old Boudoir with the white bricked walls, the arched window, listening to the radio for the time. Four hours of something would not get elsewhere. Granted I wanted to explore other aspects of dressing and perhaps   ImageWorks would have been better earlier but lets not spoil things. Transister was the big moonshot in 2009 with the wonderful Clare Project visit. In 2011 walked home from Clare Project dressed, though had been out dressed before a couple of times but briefly.  also there was a MAC makeover and the meeting with Rebecca. November 2011 there was going out dressed in daylight from Legends.By 2012 there wasall day dressing for several days without issue. these dates have ben taken from a docuement labelled Paige's Progress and crossreferenced with Flickr so its probably canonical.
This has ignored the 2 visits to the Brighton dressing service by the church, quick in and outs, Tranny parties,  time at Legends and meeting Stella and thats just of the top of my head.  the overiding sense is of having moved on and that i can dress and go out in a lot ofplaces now, I no longer require the liberality of Brighton. So I will be down on a sunday, foind somewhere to stash big pack, monday, tuesday wednesday in Brighton, thursday walk and friday last day.  Up on saturday. Also 2 days in London; friday and saturday. Need to plan what to do., which is a nice place to be really.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Delayed Gratification

Went outdoors today, as far as the bottom of chester road and back. passed a fish and chip shop, really wanted a bag of chips but was disciplined. Not easy though! How many times do you have to do that to get to a target weight and stay there? How many treats or small delights forgone? Well as I am not very active at the moment it all helps but in general to get the weight off its a lot of work. I have lost at least 9 lbs possibly more, its easy fat which would probably have gone anyway as the metabolism kicked in again but even so. Also been doing some pilates every day, prefer to believe you can see the difference. Again that requires some discipline as well but its worth it.
Mind you not got very far with the voice. There was a hope could pull out a female voice but no lnger ertain unless I went full time it could happen.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nearly At The Holiday

Several days ago I spent £85 at the Sweaty Betty website.  I had been watcching the sale for a couple of weeks and for whatever reason I pounced. There was a lot of hmming and harring about size, I have a pair of large leggings and they are slightly too large so went for medium. The zero gravity running leggings are compression and that meant when I tried them onthe were very compressive. However hopefully a wash  and time will resolve that. To be honest its £85 which ould go on something else, almost 2 hours at the Boudoir, for example. Not entirely sure why
#i cracked, its a strange one. To an extent its dressing by proxy and also its a different lifestyle which the girl should have, a Fat Face, SweatyBetty white wine at Brown's she deserves. There will be 2 days at London and 4 days at Brighton, assuming I do the walk which I probably will. So finally do the Dome the ghost walk, Lewes, coffee houses, the museum, the Lanes. All of a sudden slightly pushed to fill the time. Possible MAC makeover, err, possibly.This assumes no walk with Mr G which is a possibility. Like to try Browns, oysters. In a sense it is still enough just to be the girl. Not been a good year for her so far all things considered.
The big thing is the 10 years anniversary. Need to think about doing something for that. No longer get the thrill I got going to Doreen's or Lacies. Moved on I suppose. The foot should be up to it but no running I suspect. did Doreens twice, it worked at the time but we move on. No moonshot this time, London has been done, Liverpool has been done.
The weight is under 12 stone, which is good. Been doing the pilates and its helping definately.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Lets have a bit of good news.  On 2 conseuetive days my weight has been 11 st 12 lb. Result not quite sure how that happened as not been moving much in the last couple of days but lets be positive.  Since middle of May when i was 12 st  lb I have lost 11 lb in old money. Been tottering about the 12 st mark for some time so glad to go through it. Granted the weight was artifically high with the underactive thyroid but even so I feel thinner and the muscles more obvious.
The love handles are still there but they are smaller when i muffin top shall we say. The aim is to get to well as low as possible, that probably means 11 st less than 7 lb.  Thats another 5 lb at the least. lif you accept that i have more muscle now it may not so much after all for me to look better.The cheekbones are reapppearing and the chin slightly less Mr Punch.
Once the foot says yes will have to do exercise for real to get the abs sorted.  It may be too late as there is only just over 3 weeks for that to happen.
Looked at wigs on the Internet, really want an auburn one, probably a bob. Really need to give the new one a fair run but something cheap and cheerful would be nice

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Back On The Horse

Bought a new pair of scales today, an anachronism as its only one and flat but lets move on. It said 12 st 1 lb then 12 st 1 1/4. The bmi is 21 and the % body fat 17.
This probably means that I have lost say 6 or even 7 lbs, half a stone, certainly the trousers fit better. This can only be good news and the original plan of being under 12 stone should be easily achievable. Hope to start back running tomorrow so that will help. Got just over a month to get the body ready for the holidays, hoping for some nice pics on the SDW and even the beach. The hotel is next to the beach so it is possible as is a bit of a run, Saltdean and back ideally, possibly even some pics at the Lido would be fab. Only actually 5 days in Brighton, as ever could have done with more but 2 days in London.  The ultimate plan is to get down to at least 11 st 7 lb if not less, then there will have to be some solid exercise too.
The gurl has had a good week as J and K have been away on holiday.  The bad weather for a few days put me off slightly but even so 3 camming sessions, 3 photo sessions and it was relaxed and laid back rather than the grabbed and panicy time Iusualy get. Even managed to set up a studio in the garage, this time carpet on the floor prevented the sound of the stillettoes on the concrete floor. It has to be said it did relax me and even now feel the benefit.  This is a double edged sword; does it mean the gurl really does need to be let out more often for my better well being? Did not feel the need to dress every night but certainly do more often than have been doing. The new lighting system needs a bit more work, if I could disable the bleep of the flash units would go for them. The pics were not ideal shall we say, but to what extent that is down to the camera now feels more likely.
Used the Kryolan stick which is better for pics but not real life as its thicker. Prefer the redder lipsticks must say, also the red hair wig. The body and legs do not look too bad at all. Bought a summer maxi dress from Kidl, I know, I know, size medium 14-16, do not feel small would really work at the moment! Need to sort out a pair of sandals and the toenails but it does feel doable again.

Monday, 29 May 2017

More Summer 2017

Well the 2 days of free evenings had limited success. The first night did dress, no makeup or proper pics, beaucoup mess finding things but there was a sense of it going reasonably well and felt better. Will need to sort out the new wig, hairspra should do it. The next night did nothing, ah well. When K is back that might distract J and Paige might get more time. Possibly as the thyroid picks up will feel more ready to dress, its a fallow patch and no mistake, last year was bad too.
On the plus side Summer 2017 progresses. Managed to rebook the same room for £456 saving over £100! Booked 3 nights in London in basicaly student acommodation for £150, in South wark. That gives 2 days en femme in London, might finally get to What Katie Did! That will be nice, also bought a ticket down for £27, not first class but Grand Central so not so bad. Just got to sort out geting back and its resolved.
It is very tempting to do a dressing service when in London but not sure it is good value any more, if it ever was really. Like to "take in" a show, burlesue ideally.
Five days in Brighton means a bit of planning is required.  A MAC makeover, a ghost walk, the walk, a run, possibly meeting Stella, Its 10 years since the fateful Lacies event so need to celebrate it somehow. Then draw a line under Brighton and move on. There was half an idea to do Manchester in some way but that may have to wait till November. The thyroid is now unlikely to give any time off work but uf it means I enjoy the holiday more its OK.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Summer 2017, a start

Well Summer 2017 had a false start when Susex University had no rooms in Stanmer on the dates I asked for. Really didnot feel like another stay in the other accommodation so left that one. Been doing a bit of Googling and could get 6 nights at the Metropole Hilton and breakfast for £570 so put down a reservation for it. I can cancel the reservation until surprsingly late so is no big thing, hopefully. Its paige's 10th anniversary so she needs to be at Brighton and in some luxury. Only gives 5 days on site but enough for the walk, seeing Brighton ad Hove and may well be enough. Of course it not enough as its the only time the gurl gets to be out and about and need that this year it has to be said. Might try for a couple of days in London possibly, a dressing service has not been totally ruled out either. I now see Brighton is expensive and you either bite the bullet or go elsewhere. So a sunday to saturday is a compromise but the website made it look as if it was a special offer, well possibly but the money is there. Tomorrow will check out possible accommodation for a couple of days at London which would be nice. Finally get to What Katie Did!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Not Good At All

There has been no dressing since Manchester which was a biggie it has to be said. This makes me feel surprsingly bad, it is a sign that the times I can now dress are severely constrained. Granted previously I may not have wanted to dress but could but now the option is not there.  Its not good at all.  Not sure what can be done, stay in a hotel for an afternoon or something. There should be a possibility in May and another later in the year but it feels as if having got so far I am now back at almost the beginning. Nonsense of course but would like even a 3 hour cinema slot to dress. Possibily if J goes to the gym more there may be some potential there for some limited dressing. Possibly the thyroid is suppresing the need to dress and that is, at the moment a very good thing. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Small Changes

It is a small thing but worth doing. Like so many things you just do it. And then one day you think "why not do x?" O I now use an electric toothbrush, do not have any margarine on my sandwichs usually. One thousand and one little things which make up a person and their behaviour. They are not fixed so I now use razor blades to shave with. The writing the diary in a pub has lost something and is probably on the way out. Stopped using the Walkman as much. I now floss and quite like using a fleece blanket wrapped round me, very hugge! I use a water carafe and a pack of wet wipes which I keep in my room  rather than during the middle of the night going to the toilet. Saves a couple of minutes and I prefer to believe get back to sleep quicker. Used to use a sleep timer on the radio in the night, then kept radio on and now use the timer again. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Finally Into The Palm House

Well Spring 2017 has been and gone, it is sunday I am in the extension and first debrief. Basically the wednesday night went very well, beaucoup pics, Via and intimacy. Flickr will do very well. There is a sense of finally having shot down my Messerschmidt which is very reassuring. In an ideal world would have met Alison there but that was probably too much to ask for. The Aldi sheath dress worked well, the walking round Via in heels was worth a lot too.
Moving on to thursday. Manchester, museum first. Weather not so good and still the Goretex, its works. The 2 girls behind me "Is it a girl or a Man?" "those legs" "Its a girl" "No, is a man" "scary anyway." Much enjoyed that. All around museum, selfie with skeletons, beaucoup pics, Rutjerfords garden. Then up and out to John Rylands library. beaucoup pics, offered to help the Japanese girl with selfie, more selfies, the Manchester Mummy, bodysnatching in Manchester, shame nearly broke the espresso cup. Actually first to Tourist information centre where woman mentioned Chethmans. Seemed to think it was later than thought and went to Chhethams, 3.30 entrance.  Round Manchester cathedral, some gin display.  saw angel stone. 3.05 by now.  Flat white in Starbucks "name" "Springthore, Paige" shades of the unpleasantness last time thought he girl was very polite. Hung rounf Chethams with 10 plus people and got little sticker ro show I was a visitor.  Shown round by Scottish guide. Grisly story about 5 year old child who lost head allegedly. Some Marxist dialectric , choloera pits under station. Books from 1645 in very good condition. The clock. 4.30 by now. Bought Swatch earler, "mated" but well meant. Food from M and S. Bath bomb and early night.
Liverpool.Not sure about this one as Lime street closed but went for it. Train to Liverpool South Powerway. Lucky got on a Metro direct to St Michaels, checked for right station earlier. Raining quite badly. Up trendy Lark Lane on to Sefton Park. Couple of pics of where I might have lived. On to toilets in cafe. On to Palm House. Not totally bouncy at this point due to rain but gate open looking good, opened Palm house door, in. said hello to security guard at desk who ignored me but an old Indian hunter like me was not fazed by that. For a few minutes felt a bit not quite certain what exactly as it was the first time actually in there. plants around the perimeter and in the centre, large ones. Spiral starcase in palms. Lot of open space sadly. Beaucoup pics. Put camera in plastic bag and took pics outside. More pics including Peter Pan. Back to St Michaels, saw open whire driven hearse. Then back to Central. Up to Philarmonic, had half and on to cathedral. Lots of pics, sadly too dark.Chorister girl said hello. Nice.Felt tired at this point and about 4 ish. Worried about getting back before rush. Asked at Central info office. 4.15 to Liverpool South Parkway, John Lennon airport, change for Manchester Oxford road. Did so and got seat on train. Tired and could not really concentrate. May hav ebeen stared at by 3 Muslin girls. Walked back to room, easier this time and gor food.
There was no wow moment apart from the ones in Via, it was very much just doing it, basically the vast majority of the targets were hit. Preston, well on reflection even if hadnot messed up the getting to the Premier Inn may well have been too tired when got back. Boots bad for toes but better for knees. Navigation in Manchester needs to be spot on. Few times looked old need to refresh makeup more often. Wig OK but hair keeps geting in eyes. A definite result.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ready To Go

Well the rucksack is almsot packed and I am quite excited. Two full days being the girl and being out and about. It was a battle, started at about 11ish and had trouble finding the boots and other bits of kit. I was surprised how much I do have and how much could stand a few more pics! Been emailing a couple and with a bit of luck will be able to get some pics taken and a meet at Canal street. It is possible this will be the first dressing this year which sounds a bit scary. May well end up taking the big camera, be good to do the John Rylands library and the whale skeleton. I am sure there is a lot of great things to do in Manchester but for some reason it does not excite me as much as Liverpool. Again been there, done that but it works. The Palm house is a possibility but it takes too long really. Still it would be nice to finally get in there. Preston I have paid the tickets for but may well end up giving it a miss if do not feel up to it. Still its nice to be positive and there will be nice things..

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fast Evolution

The gurl is nearly 10, I used to think it might just be a passing thing but clearly it is not. Looked at the Flockr stream today and it is surprising how far developedment took in such a small space of time. In the first 3 years there was The Boudoir, the LSE holiday and quite a lot of pics being taken. There was a real kick out of the dressing then which I do n ot get now. Now it is a need I suppose. Going out in public say Transister was 2009 though going out in daylight was later say 2011. All the easy stuff had been done and it was time for moonshots; going to Liverpool and going to London dressed. Done and dusted. The last couple of years have seen holidays doing it for real but much less dressing at home. Do miss the Support Group.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Plumped For Manchester

Well Spring 2017 is go. Today not busy at work and started Googling Premeir Inn's again. Saw last few remaining rooms so went for it. Down wednesday and back saturday, cost of rooms and breakfast£230. Went for the Premier Inn nearest Canal street, will give it another go. Say 1 day at Manchester and 1 day at Liverpool. Would have liked another day but too expensive. £65 for railtickets, first class as feel another £20 on the price is worth it for a better experience. So £300 so far. Expect another £200 so £500  all in. The girl needs it really, the money is there so comfortable with it.  So there will be bath bombs, pasta in my room, taking flap jacks, some very close shaving. Do want a day in Liverpool but Manchester is not a done deal. Couple of years ago had 3 days and went to Preston, worth doing but tired of it too early.
There is the possibility of seeing the couple at Bolton, possibly but not guaranteed. Will think about that. Need to sortout the coat! Fel better just thinking about it. Ideally would hav e waited till the end of term as days warmer and longer but thats a small thing really.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ring, Ring, Ring

Last week tidied up the cabinet the large BCR opening plier fell down. Noticed in the last few days that the white tissue at the piercing was very thin and today went for it and attempted, again, again, to up the P.A. piercing to 5 mm. The original plan had me getting to 5 mm over 1 and a half years ago. Going to 3.2 mm was not too bad but took nearly a year, going to 4 mm required aspirin to kill the white tissue. May be keloid material posibly bbut it was preventing the hole stretching to allow the larger ring through. Today with the aid of a taper and vaseline it took 20 mins, in the past tried folrlonger with no effect. Will let it recover and then decide about whether to go for 6 mm. 5 mm looks a good size and is quite heavy.
There could hav ebeen dressing but there was not today. Lets blame the thyroid. Have now got the goahead for Spring 2017 so now need to make final decision over where to go! Probably Manchester which does work tough Leeds might work. Have not ruled out Brighton but thats not especially likely.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Honey, I'm Home

Mary Tyler Moore died yesterday, she was 80 and apparently had big proble swith diabetes. I never saw the DickVan Dyke show but did see The Mary Tyler Moore Show where Mary Richards was a single woman in mid 1970'sAmerica and was trying to "have it all" with hilarious consequences but still with groundbreaking ideas such as a single woman having a career and being treated with respect. There is a bit in the opening sequence where she is giving her trademark smile and throws up her, no doubt crocheted beret into the air, at the joyof living. This scene wasgently mocked in Rhoda but it feels right. Think I have mentioned this before but these moments are what I look for being the girl.  They have been there, a look throught he blog will reveal them, in The Signalman with a smokey fire, crossing the road at the Clocktower they have happened. Granted I have moved on and done more so I no longer look for them. Thats it really. You do not look for them they creep up on you.
Found myself worrying about Trump, hopefully wrongly. Prefer to believe that once freedoms have been won they somehow become ingrained so people no longer say "lets be nasty to group x" or lets get tough on abortions. Mary Richards would be too classy for that and be nice to gays or Trans people, as really people shoild be but in 70's America or UK it was not too likely to happen. Audry Hepburn is reported to have been happy to potray a lesbian in one of her films but though her public were not ready for it. Once people see that other groups are just normal nice people then they treat people nicely. lets hope so and that they continue to do so.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Getting Heavy

It is sunday late afternoon and I have ran 10.55 miles which was not too difficult. Weighed myself after rehydrating and its as bad as I thought it would be. 12 st 7 lb. Have not been that weight since say 2006-7. Not sure what to say or do really. It may be the thyroid but last time didnot get so bad and so heavy. It has to show but not as badly as it did when I was the weight last time.
In 2 weeks have an appointment with the consultant so will see what that yields. Hopefully the weight will come off easier this time.
Would be good to dress soon, possibl get a chance tomorrow. Still have not sorted out Spring 2017 but its the early evening , been out all day, all gone well, sitting there in a Starbucks or whatever and having a coffee its about 5 or 6ish and I have food and alcoholic drink for the evening. Partly I suppose its the normality of it all; here is a woman sitting down after a had days shopping, having a coffee and then going to her room.Not even going out with the girls later but thats OK ish.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016, So-So Really

OK 2016, how was it?  Not ideal, not good, lets blame the thyroid. Put on too much weight, low motivation but the holiday was better than last year. Not enough pics but on the whole better pics. Second New Years Eve not dressed, that burned. February was good, Liverpool and Manchester, no complaints there. Summer 2016, well. Lots of dressing, outdoor pics, some nice indoor pics too, new wig. Almost forgot, 2 hours at The Boudoir, that was better than expected. Glad I did it but could see the limitations to it. Sadly Imageworks closed down. No pics printed this year. Do miss the Support Group meetings. Slightly surprised at that.
Cannot really say there has been any progression this year, treading water at best but lets blame th ethyroid and any year where I do Liverpool and London dressed has to be a success. So really it was not too bad but lets hope the thyroid when sorted allows for more dressing. Then again J is still boyfriend less so that put a crimp on things. Ideally try to find a second place to dress. Put on too much weight but lets try a diet.
Hopefully in 2017 there will be a good February and summer holiday.