Friday, 29 April 2011

Paying for company

OK lets "unpack" a visit to the Boudoir dressing service.  Why go?  Basically because I have no Tgurl friends to talk to and swap experience to learn from.  Sad but true. It would have been the 6th visit.  For the last 5 I have wondered if I would return and have.  Finally did the going there dressed but not by tube.  Its £180, a lot but not too much.  Its something to look forward to in the cold dark months with limited dressing opportunities and that is worth a lot believe me.  I got the 20% off voucher for Trendco, got the choice of wig, got experience of MAC StudioSculpt concealer, may be a good thing.  Even more imprtantly calmed me down and said I was doing OK,could go out.  Will I go again?  Keep meaning to go else where.  Jodie can be a bit "perfunctuary" and going throught the motions, a second opinion would be good.  We shall see.  Ideally I would like to think I had outgrown them and developed more as a tgurl.

Monday, 25 April 2011

From Chuck Yeager to Alan Shepard

Last year I went to london and the Boudoir.  The plan was to go dressed.  9.30am there I was, dressed, madeup, the plan was to return in boy mode so had plastic bag with stuff, bag broke, gave me the excuse to abort it.  Probably having to do the tube frightened me too much.  This year diffeent room same plan.  Modification take a taxi, Jodie at new place closer.  Been out in Brighton so bit better.   Dressed, madeup, packed then... Phoned for a taxi.  Waited outside at 9.50am.  Taxi arrives 5 mins later.  Takes 10 mins.  Drops me outside Bethnal Green tube £12.  Walk around Bethnal Green ,  sit in park, people pass me I pass them.  At 1045 arrive at Boudoir.  OK she says "your are early, not ready yet"  but knocked on door dressed in lycra leggings, M and S Covent Garden top, flat shoes and little scarf.  Out in the world for say 35 mins, dressed, alone.  No sweat.  OK did not then go to Trendco dressed which would have involved the tube.  Oh yes, I took a "I was there" pic too.