Friday, 20 December 2019

Christmas Card 2019

Today I did the annual Xmas card. As ever it was not straight forward. There was the window cleaners who normally come on a monday so several minutes hiding from them. The intervalometer died and that pretty well ended to session, it never really came together. However did do it and thats the main thing. Used Kryolan stick which worked not bad at all. Need to get a new camera and possibly flash as the pics were acceptable but not anything more than that. The Nikon has been in my sights for some time and may well drop money on it.
The gurl had been pinging for several days so it was nice to actually give her some time. Hopefuly once back from Guildford she can be given the keys to the car a bit more.
Ideally she would be there on New Years Eve but thats unlikely again sadly. Lots of stuff ther so lets pass on.
Sadly there was not a summer holiday this year so that was not good.