Sunday, 12 March 2017

Small Changes

It is a small thing but worth doing. Like so many things you just do it. And then one day you think "why not do x?" O I now use an electric toothbrush, do not have any margarine on my sandwichs usually. One thousand and one little things which make up a person and their behaviour. They are not fixed so I now use razor blades to shave with. The writing the diary in a pub has lost something and is probably on the way out. Stopped using the Walkman as much. I now floss and quite like using a fleece blanket wrapped round me, very hugge! I use a water carafe and a pack of wet wipes which I keep in my room  rather than during the middle of the night going to the toilet. Saves a couple of minutes and I prefer to believe get back to sleep quicker. Used to use a sleep timer on the radio in the night, then kept radio on and now use the timer again. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Finally Into The Palm House

Well Spring 2017 has been and gone, it is sunday I am in the extension and first debrief. Basically the wednesday night went very well, beaucoup pics, Via and intimacy. Flickr will do very well. There is a sense of finally having shot down my Messerschmidt which is very reassuring. In an ideal world would have met Alison there but that was probably too much to ask for. The Aldi sheath dress worked well, the walking round Via in heels was worth a lot too.
Moving on to thursday. Manchester, museum first. Weather not so good and still the Goretex, its works. The 2 girls behind me "Is it a girl or a Man?" "those legs" "Its a girl" "No, is a man" "scary anyway." Much enjoyed that. All around museum, selfie with skeletons, beaucoup pics, Rutjerfords garden. Then up and out to John Rylands library. beaucoup pics, offered to help the Japanese girl with selfie, more selfies, the Manchester Mummy, bodysnatching in Manchester, shame nearly broke the espresso cup. Actually first to Tourist information centre where woman mentioned Chethmans. Seemed to think it was later than thought and went to Chhethams, 3.30 entrance.  Round Manchester cathedral, some gin display.  saw angel stone. 3.05 by now.  Flat white in Starbucks "name" "Springthore, Paige" shades of the unpleasantness last time thought he girl was very polite. Hung rounf Chethams with 10 plus people and got little sticker ro show I was a visitor.  Shown round by Scottish guide. Grisly story about 5 year old child who lost head allegedly. Some Marxist dialectric , choloera pits under station. Books from 1645 in very good condition. The clock. 4.30 by now. Bought Swatch earler, "mated" but well meant. Food from M and S. Bath bomb and early night.
Liverpool.Not sure about this one as Lime street closed but went for it. Train to Liverpool South Powerway. Lucky got on a Metro direct to St Michaels, checked for right station earlier. Raining quite badly. Up trendy Lark Lane on to Sefton Park. Couple of pics of where I might have lived. On to toilets in cafe. On to Palm House. Not totally bouncy at this point due to rain but gate open looking good, opened Palm house door, in. said hello to security guard at desk who ignored me but an old Indian hunter like me was not fazed by that. For a few minutes felt a bit not quite certain what exactly as it was the first time actually in there. plants around the perimeter and in the centre, large ones. Spiral starcase in palms. Lot of open space sadly. Beaucoup pics. Put camera in plastic bag and took pics outside. More pics including Peter Pan. Back to St Michaels, saw open whire driven hearse. Then back to Central. Up to Philarmonic, had half and on to cathedral. Lots of pics, sadly too dark.Chorister girl said hello. Nice.Felt tired at this point and about 4 ish. Worried about getting back before rush. Asked at Central info office. 4.15 to Liverpool South Parkway, John Lennon airport, change for Manchester Oxford road. Did so and got seat on train. Tired and could not really concentrate. May hav ebeen stared at by 3 Muslin girls. Walked back to room, easier this time and gor food.
There was no wow moment apart from the ones in Via, it was very much just doing it, basically the vast majority of the targets were hit. Preston, well on reflection even if hadnot messed up the getting to the Premier Inn may well have been too tired when got back. Boots bad for toes but better for knees. Navigation in Manchester needs to be spot on. Few times looked old need to refresh makeup more often. Wig OK but hair keeps geting in eyes. A definite result.