Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Microdermal Lost

For reasons not totally explained it is now December the 26th and this is my first post. On the plus side did get a Christmas card sent out, not ideal had hoped to get something more original but it will do. Also probably will get New Years Eve to myself too, absolute result.
The right microdermal has looked off for a few days, the head was at an  angle and the skin undernearh reddened.  I assumed it was merely an infection but this afternoon in the bathroom took another look.  The tip of the bracket could be almst seen and it was apparent it was unseated. I had been toying with getting them reoved anyway so pulled and it came out partly.  It took 5 minutes gentle moving and masaging for a final pull which was not painful at all to remove the microdermal bracket in totality. Very very little blood and glad its gone. Not so sure about the other two but still feel better.
Had the microdermals for over 5 years, lets say 7 that feels right. They had run their course I suppose several years ago, they had been exciting and unusual but never really lived up to their potential.  They were a gap between the nipple piercings and the scrotum piercings before the P.A. All in all they had a good innings so cannot complain.

Used to have a La senza day where i would wear new lingerie bought as a Xmas present to the gurl.  At the time not confident enough to do this when not Xmas.  The black cardboard box, the pink pouch of nicely smelling crystals, it was very nice. It ad a god vibe and really was something to look forward to. Moved on and thats not so much of a big thing any more but really need more dressing. Should get time this holiday.