Sunday, 19 June 2016

What The Doctor Ordered

Last night out of nowhere it became apparent I would get a solid dressing opportunity today. Started at 10.05, showered and did a mass deforestation of hair which made me feel better. What with one thing and another only really got in front of the camera by 12.15.  It was the nurses uniforms and at 1 45 accidently pressed the wrong button on the Intervalometer so it would have taken too much work to set it again and called it a day. The pics are surprisingly good, impressedwith the wig and exposure but the face looks old and the extra weight shows. However have new pics to post so its all good. There might be an opportunity on tuesday to do more, we shall see.
The holiday rumbles on, the gurl really needs it but its been complicated by the first choice room not being available. No en suite shower and toilet is it a compromise too far?If not would be able to stay for more days but not in Brighton and do enjoy wandering about at night in Brighton. Yet the cost of a really nice place would be significantly more and a shorter stay. Would really like a day in London, do What Katie Did etc.
The dressing, as ever, calmed me down. If I was not to transition or even go full time it would be nice to dress more often. It may even be psychologically necessary for my wellbeing. Scary stuff but possibly true.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Quick In and Out

Managed a quick bitof dressing, no makeup or contact lenses but even so. The plan was to see how the nurses stuff looked with a possible set of pics tomorrow Yes well. That actually went surprisingly well and had a play with the Honour bodysuit Makeup does make such a difference and stopped too early but even so it did seem to make me feel better Whether tomorrow happens remains to be seen. There is stuff in bags and boxes allaround so getting a look together is a bit of a battle and tires you out There you have it really.  If I had a boudoir, makeup mirror, walk in wardrobe it would be so easy and calm, also if just left to myself it would reduce so much grief and stress.
In a hotel roo it is the bahroom, water on the floor, noise from fluorescent lights, not ideal smells, possibly not a good mirror too. Then tiding up before the hote staff come in it s a miracle I ever get out at all!
Going to get contact lens checkup today. If not for the gurl would not have used them but there we are. Suppose that is a good thing. The burlesque dancedid not happen sadly, £15 on a feather boa hopefully useful for later.When I started I looked surprisingly young, not really so much now sadly.  I have put weight on, definitely can pinch an inch at the sides, need to get rid of it Am doing more running again so that should help.