Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Well Brighton 2012 has been and gone.  So much anticipation and hope and money spent, lets be fair, so how was it?  While we can break the hopes of the holiday down into several subgroups basically it went very well.  Alison Dale was a bit of a curates egg still potential of something being posted on the website and the "dungeon" pics were fun but I am older so its harder for her.  Then again Alison is allways good value to meet.
Moving on to the dressing. Friday, saturday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday was dressed most of the time with a bit of dressing on thursday and thursday so that was successful beyond expectations.  Pizza with Stella and Kims party went well, shame party was not first friday.  Ideally would have been down during pride possibly next year.  Really pushed to put makeup on and not sure how good I am at it.  Also big lower abdomen not good, really spoils look badly.  Possibly not dressing age appropiate either.  However walk to Rottingdean, train to Lewes, MAC makeover, pasta at University of Sussex, espresso at Carlucci's, drink at The Signalman all very good results.Mary Tyler Moore moments soon replaced by something else, a sense of rightness I think.
Will be returning to this but lets go for the big one. How do I feel back home?  So far its been not too bad.  Little flareups , warm feelings in stomach all nice.  Not sure whether dissappointed or relieved I do not have massive withdrawl symptoms.  Dressed whenever possible so that suggests one thing about my level of dysphoria so possibly that is the thought to go with.  How bad do I want the level ofdysphoria to be?