Sunday, 13 May 2012

Watch On The Rhine

Not sure where we are. Been several opportunities to dress and take pics and have not taken then.  Its as if Paige has no point to make, she is saying nope have this one I have nothing to prove anymore.. Some times I feel at square one and I will see a girl and it all flairs up and other times I post my opinion like a veteran.  Basically i feel the battles are over and its a mopping up operation.  Yes there will be casualities and it will take time but the war is won.  Can that be true?  Possibily the consueling has done its job, is it really autumn 1944, crossed the Channel, broke out of the beaches, on forward.  Perhaps we are in a sense, without being flip or denying the absolute sacrificies made by real people,  waiting for some operation market garden or, more hopefully, operation varsity waiting to cross the Rhine.  Is Paige here to stay and allways has been?  Scary stuff.  Thgought about going to Jodies rather than Alison's for an image consultant, WHAT TO WEAR WHEN OUT.  Not for Flickr or whatever but for the working week.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Not ON The Bench

In the Paige mythology as said to several people and may even be true I had a detached retina and spent a weekend in hospital.  Whilst there on my Sony Walkman I listened to this track by Joe Jackson Go For IT  .  Busy at the time worrying about the flapping retina in my opitical field but prefer to believe it was partly responsible for Paige visiting Lacies and the rest is history.  We all rewrite history or else we go mad but anyway the point is I may not be hitting the back of the net but I an at least turning up at the ground.  Actually the link is to some group doing a bad version of the song.  The backing singer is off and the brass is bad BUT they have tried.  They have made the effort.  Like me, but not literally, I have put on the slap, the wig and clothes and put my head above the parapet and GONE FOR IT.  That makes then  all right by me.  Perhaps its like football, you support the team but they may be rubbish but they are playing the game, they play football, they are footballers.  I may not be female but I am putting the kit on and playing the game.  I may lose but that is not the point, I am getting a kick of the ball