Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Not Good At All

There has been no dressing since Manchester which was a biggie it has to be said. This makes me feel surprsingly bad, it is a sign that the times I can now dress are severely constrained. Granted previously I may not have wanted to dress but could but now the option is not there.  Its not good at all.  Not sure what can be done, stay in a hotel for an afternoon or something. There should be a possibility in May and another later in the year but it feels as if having got so far I am now back at almost the beginning. Nonsense of course but would like even a 3 hour cinema slot to dress. Possibily if J goes to the gym more there may be some potential there for some limited dressing. Possibly the thyroid is suppresing the need to dress and that is, at the moment a very good thing.