Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dressing Interuptus

Well a couple of days lying in bed with cold has not done any harm to abs or weight but probably that will change. Went to Aldi and got 2 total support bras 34D and 36D for £2.99 each, result. In town also got a couple of cheap boas. Back home put on a couple of corsets and yet again the absolute faff of putting the over bust corset was negated by how good it looks on. Then tried the running stuff on, not too bad and the tight shorts could work well too! The light blonde long haired wig showed promise too. Then to the stockings, bra, blue corset, gloves outfit for the burlesque act. Tried it with the boa and the DVD until got all lost removing the gloves. Did not feel too silly so that says something. Put the lycra stretchy sparkly dress on and with  the heels had tea, butter curry a bottle of cider and it all went well. Started washing up, san heels due to the lino on the floor bit felt cold and worried J might arrive suddenly.  Which she did unexpectedly a couple of hours later, hope I manage to not be too suspicious and only the aroma of 1,000 Kisses remained. To be honest bit annoyed to get interupted like that. No phone call or text, OK phone was not on but even so. If had been seen with dress on well not ideal but do feel I need my space.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Its A Go

So to a large extent Brighton 2015 has been planned for. Thursday to sunday at Susex University, £300, Ticket to London Kings Cross £35.10, ticket Kings Cross to home £60. So lets say £400. The train tickets have gone up and 1 is first class and the London to Brighton part has not ben paid for yet but that should be £20 and say another £10 for the tube. Then there will be the Falmer Brighton cost, lets say £30-40. I would like to get another camera, some new clothes it will all add up. Once I had hoped I could have a really good holiday, leather toilet bags and a Leica camera for some reason were the symbols of this.  Now I have no such hopes, possibly if I made a really big effort saving something could be done, would love Venice or Paris. The point is holiday means time to release the inner girl. So  there will becoffe shops, beaucoup pics, white wine, ladies toilets, talking to other people. Not so sure how to meet other Tgirls, go out clubbing or even just have a coffee. There is a cunning plan to do some al fresco pics, do the walk and possibly a couple of runs dressed. Then in November hope to do Manchester/Liverpool/Bury.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Pixel by pixel

My first digital camera was in at a guess, 2003 or 2004. I was taking pics of myself naked and would prop it against the TV in my room and use the timer. I suspect there was some self actualisation going on. During this time there was a couple of instances of attempted dressing, there is a pic of a stockinged leg. It used Compact Flash cards, expensive but used till surprising lly recently.  It was silver and quite compact and simple to use. In 2008 to visit Jodie I bought a new Nikon Coolpix in black. Sadly it was not terribly good and I was never happy with it. In 2010 after a lot of research, thank you Internet, bought a Panasonic TZ8 would was said to be a Leica but without the red dot. I use it today and it still gives sterling service. Recent research into anew camera and I was surprised how things had advanced. If I am to take alfresco pics, and I so do, then some form of remote is required, this is not an issue  as a lot of cameras have WiFi and NFC so can use mobile phone to trigger camera, some allow to see image from screen too. Potentially could be very useful. Seen a coiple of possibles but for some reason did not feel like buying, not sure why but have learnt over the years that when that happens there is probably a good reason.
For the heavy lifting used the Alpha 200, granted the shutter was loud and it was a compromise, the focusing was a bit "hunting" at times, also the body sometimes would not speak to the lens too. However that and the flash unit, the Sony HVL-F42AM, £150 but worth every penny, must have taken thousands of pics. Year before last bought the Alpha 58, quieter, lighter but fatally flawed as needed a new Intervalometer, problem resolved now but it would be wrong to say it was a camera I enjoyed using. Not taking as many pics now as well. I have a bounce flash umbrella and a couple of tripods. I tried briefly before the second flash died with a 2 flash system. Then got some parachute ripstop nylon to use as a white backcloth. For quite a time would setup the tripod with the camera and Intervalometer, put the flash on the bannister and good to go. The A58 had none of that and I had to use a netbook with the rubbish software USBed to the camera. Later I found a way using lightroom or Photoshop to see the downloaded pics which is useful. Now an Intervalometer is available so use that. Originally used a wireless trigger but that required hiding the wireless release button unit.
When I got a week for at least a few days to myself I would setup an area with white sheets and leave the tripods out. One year made an studio I suppose in the garage, complete with heels tapping on the concrete. It all takes time. Originally the put the flash on the banister would take say 15 mins, then better background, longer. Then use downstairs so it could easily take up to an hour to get usable pics. Its quite stressful too, hunting for pegs and clothes.
Been through several software packages, RAWTHerapee, Light room, Photoshop elements, Photoshop had some nice plugins but they got virus ridden so had to go. Suppose it helps.
In 2005 it was a Nikon e3200. Then a Nikon CoolpixL15.  Before that it was a HPSmart 318.

It is said that French peasants in the 15th century didnot know what they looked like. Assuming you didnot have  mirror you would have to rely on your reflection in water or glass. Imagine being a Tgurl before digital cameras and the Internet.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Summer Time Thinking

Well Sussex University finally got back and tomorrow I will pony up £300 for a room during the vacation. Then I can start thinking about train tickets. So thats done really. Ideally would have a big holiday in a hotel, spend beaucoup money and visit a dressing service, all top draw stuff. However its going to be a compromise again. Once I would put away £50 a month and see ot grow for the holiday, should do that again, it was nice to count it and imagine what will do. In quite a few ways I am brightoned outbut as ever I know stuff will happena nd I will find myself in a coffeshop thinking "oh no need to go home soon."  The big one was at the pub just up from the station, was unemployed so some time ago and there is a pic of the inside of the pub with a nice grate on the fire. That was prePaige but the principle still applies. Do not really have much expectation for Trans Brighton 2015 but live in hope, would like to do London.
The pics have been a relative success on Flickr, some more still to process and need to make a decision about the vid. Tried last week to get the mag I I supposed to be in with no success. Not a big problem may need to mail order it which would be dicey.
Shorts weather which is nice but my shaven legs well so be it. The arms need shaving epilating but that could be more complicated but really do want to do it. Th eyebrows are getting there butt he weight is a bit high still.  Tranny party is no longer in Brighton but I think Seaford would like to go but could be tricky getting there, lot of time to think about that one.  Ideally Trans prode would have a ball or party but it would be difficult for me to attend as would need to get the train. It still irrattes me seeing girls dressed up getting into taxis and going out  clubbing. Once there was actually snow on the ground, I was in Chester Road and a girl got into a taxi wearing high heels, sheer tights and a black small ensemble. That sheared itself into my memory. Now THAT would be a challenge on the Falmer to Brighton train!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Getting Things In Focus

Well left alone for the weekend and yesterday managed some dressing, no makeup and today managed pics. Up for started 10 am , lots of shaving of body, then moisturising, tidying up and geting things ready, seting up the back ground.  Moving furniture. At 12 stoppd for lunch and really was in front of the camera by 1 15 pm. Still lots of hunting for clothing and the running baseball cap. Thought it would be good to try the 50 mm prime lens again. called it a day at 4.30 and felt a lot better as ever do. The problems started when looked at he pics. Too many were out of focus and too amny were badly exposed. Granted white on a white background was nott ideal there was something else, I suspect the 50 mm lens.  Then CS3 did not have a RAW plugin, odd but sort of sorted that. It is not good enough really. Get insufficient chances to take pics and when do they come out do not get enough good ones.  once it was a 15 min operation, tripod, setup camera, intervalometer, put flash unit on bannister, job done.  Granted lots of possible flare but it did turn out a reasonable print. The advanced technique, bounce flash and all, can be much more effective. However to get there takes so much longer, when it goes wrong well you feel it burn.
The other point was the pics show an older face, a wider stomach and a big ribcage.  Here it comes. There is now a real sense it is coming very soon to realise I can no longer, if I ever could, the young pics and move on. Also that the Transwoman I a is an older woman.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Not A Lot Really

This blog is brought to you by Vermention Terre Siciliane white wine, basically a mild pinot grigio. Managed to stretch the piercing, from 2.4 to 3 mm. Tried couple of times before but this time used a bigger taper, lots of lube and it took 5 mins. The taper seemed to go deep enough so tried with actual ring, could see it other side of the hole, bit of a push and it was through, not painful at all. OK bit of an ache later but thats that. Probably changing to the steel BCR gave an little extra weight so it started to be stretched.  In a couple of month will try again for 4 mm.
Had half hoped to dress on either/and friday and sunday.  It didnot happen which is surprisingly irratiting and getting me down. Next weekend should happen with  a bit of luck. Not sure what pics will do but even so. Saw pics of me at half marathon, looked old, the nose mouth crease very prominent. After run in bath used hair conditioner to shave with, surprisingly effective. Used to do that years ago but stopped as the epilation kicked in. Sometimes you know things but you stop doing them for some reason. In the look for the tapers found dog tags, On the 11/08/07 went into Lacies for the first time and kicked it off. .the best date to go with. That makes Paige 8, wow, Sapphire as an alter ego is younger.
The diet is not really doing much, 11st 9-10 still.  Then again the powerhouse is looking a lot better.  The pics will show how effective the exercise has actually been.Looking forward to the chance to do some alfresco shots must say. Need to sort out wig,coat, flat shoes insoles and VOICE, possibly even camera.Be nice to do London too.
Ordered a couple of How To DO A Burlesque Strip, not sure where, if anywhere, that one is going.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Summertime Dreaming

OK lets be real. Its a compromise, I do not have the money for a big real holiday so need to compromise.  Also Paige needs time out. There is also the thought of Trans Pride to go to. Legends is going to be too expensive or noisy and University of Brighton just not a starter. That leaves Sussex University, not happy with needing to get a train in but will have to live with it. Would like to do London, Sweet Wedneday posibly, see the blue whale. Do the walk, try for some more alfresco pics, there are still things to do. Granted ideally would be somewhere new but a week in Manchester or Liverpool would be too expensive. So sent an application in for 10 days at Falmer. The potential runs are more complicated but not too bad and the refrectories make up for a lot. Sadly  no dressing services probably. Again not totally sure what to expect from Trans Pride anyway. Suppose the question is what do I hope for in a holiday?This topic will be discussed ad nausem until it happens and then post mortemed but lets see this as a first post on the topic.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dressing and Makeup

It is 23:17 on friday first of May. I am dressed, heels, even makeup after a fashion. No big wow moment but feel OK.  Again looking older, not just the quick makeup, there is a sense need to move on and accept it. The body is fine, too tall but the face not so good. Do need to get a new wig. The ones I have now are not really good enough. Cannot do my lips, too thin and need to be careful with the highlighter. Shaved off a lot of body hair, that is always good.
The magazine which said it would publish some  of my pics is now available to buy. Ideally they would have emailed me after replied to their questions.  Would not be too surprised if  the pics were not in the mag.Still will buy it when come across it.
Should be ale to book summer holiday accommodation. Its 00:24 now, removed makeup, moisturised and put drops in eyes. The eyes ar the batle.  The eye liner is a swine to remove, Clinique "Take the day off" absolutely changed my makeup as I could remove the evidence completely which I could not before. Used Ultrabland, Lush, which is not as successful as Aldi's makeup wipes. When used Kryolan stick it was a right nightmare to take off. Its an important thing to get right especially if expecting people back now! Tired so will stop.  Despite everything its been a success and do feel better for it. Should get longer in a couple of weeks time.