Sunday, 24 February 2013

More Goretex and advance trannying

Well Brighton spring 2013 has been and gone leaving a slight sense of disappointment.  Just on first glance and over time this may change.   The problem was, as half expected, the cold.  It was very cold, bit of very light snow.  Did not have the correct clothes for that and my sinuses kicked off on the first day out, possibly due to the airconditioning in my room.  Did not sleep too well either and there were money issues.  Even so was out from say 10 am till 4pm on first day and 10.30 till 4 and out in evening second day.  Meeting at evening with S_____ went well really.  That was a definite success.  The journey down was good, back a pain had to get coach from Darlington.  The photos at A______ were good, other panties would have been better.  Again slight sense of gone as far as can go there.  5 or 6th visit so not a big surprise, cannot really see visit no. 7 at the moment.  Suspect have gone past the need for validation by pics or comments, even though they are nice.  Been very few pics last year even with reduced opportunities would have expected more.
The sense of "rightness" in the Singalman pub was lovely.  Did not really get on friday.  Nothing really went wrong but warmer weather, better wig, more money would have helped.  The nub of the matter I suspect is that need to socialise more, it gets lonely on the evenings.  On the plus side it was advanced dressing in a harsher environment, the cold and did well there.  Still wanted to do it on day 2.  It was good to "get back on the horse" to gain confidence again and a lot of good things happened.  Even last february 1 year ago that would have been a real result.Lots of girls do not get that even.  Summer 2013, well lot to happen before know trhe answer to that one.  Sparkle 2013, hmmm. Bought ruby woo lipstick, worth it!  The shopping in Morrisons in 4 in heels and miniskirt, absolute result, thats worth a lot.  Perhaps it was not so bad after all!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Its better to travel hopefully!

Well here we are.  In first class just left Newcastle.  Its been a right battle one way and another.  Packing was really bad, not sure why, still dread it.  Tidied room up sufficiently.  Slept not very well. Porridge and scrambled eggs, 4,  tea for breakfast.  Managed to get out by 9 am.  Bus to town quite quicky. 9.30 Hexham train got in at 9.50, absolute result.  Got a couple of cigars at Cubab Cigar Centre back and big coffee from Starbucks.  Train had arrive, 007 one.  Ideally should not have got coffee but so be it.
Te question is now what do we expect and hope for? Well first of all Alison what there. Hope for some nice pics first of all.  Taken the Acfords corset a body stocking  not too sure about the that.  Alsos the stripper sandals and the Doreens black dress but they are for her.  Finally a copy of the  Ladybird The Night Sky thought it was by Patrick Moore but apparently not.
Ok now tho Brighton.  Big unexpected problem, it might be cold! Really cold.  Ideally need boots and jeans and a coat but do not have that.  Will see how get on with trusty goretex and Sarah Lund woolly pully.  Also possibility of a cold on the horizon.  Its all to play for.  Not a big sense of anticipation but thats due to the packing grief.  Shame forgot bears.  May have to adopt one when down there!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Neither here or there

Bit of a grab bag or bran tub post here.  First off hormones.  Well definite, though slight,  growth.  Nipples sensitive, bit of pain sometimes.  Mentally getting bouts of sadness, feeling down in a quite dramatic way.  No positive mood ups yet but no doubt they will be there. Possibly needing to pee more.  Facial stubble definately slowing down and possibly body hair finer.  Eating more chocolate
Lets say you really master passing, absolutly spot on but you are your age.  You post your pic on Flickr.  Its a pic of a woman.  Nothing more, probably very few hits, you are acheived your goal but what is Flickt hits measuring?  Million miles from being there but a definite thought.
Brighton.  Started worrying about what to wear, how to tidy uo the room.  Two days of Sapphire hopefully, what if its cold, shoes?  After the boot fiasco needs considering.  Shame no response from R<<<<<<, will think about S<<<<< but thats a different event.  Body modification pic at Brighton museum pic hopefully.
Beaucoup grief at home which is a real pain and putting a real dampner on things.
Not been a lot of dressing, no pics for quite a long time.  Not good.  Possibly feel am a girl so do not need to do it but thats not the full story by any amount.  Possibly this weekend.  Must put stuff in car to hide it! 
Trying to find a punch line.  No, its not there.  Thats life sometimes.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Waiting, waiting

Ignore the last blog entry it was just a test.  Another idea/dream was to do a live blog using netbook/ipad from RedRoaster.  Well it might work but pics are an issue.  Eyesight too!  What do girls wear in snow?  Boots but the only pair I have are too tight.  In fact the only pair of femme shoes I know work are the flats. My walking in heels is at best in training.  Suppose furry boots and better jeans could be the way to go.  Possibly even an German NATO parka!!!  Really need Spring 2013 to be a success.  Probably no brief early summer 2012 this year!  Worst case scenario summer could be off.  Not very likely but possible for 2 reasons; TUPE or looking for another place to live.  Could be unemployed even.  On the plus side could take non term time holiday, which would be good.
Month 4 of hormones very little indication of much effect.  Loss of erections but very little chest development.  Read on a YAHOO group its turns you into a girl not give you breasts, good point and one I accept.  Neither here or there at the moment.  There are 2 saturdays left to get things and get things in order.  Could be a trip to Primark, email R>>>>>> or S>>>>> or a general one on Angels or TVCHIX.
OK after february when next?  April possibly, say Manchester, cheap to get there but staying there expensive.  LOndon, expensive to get down there could be cheap to stay if LSE again.  Could potentially be 5-6 months till next Sapphire holiday.  Not good. 
Got my weeks mixed up and hoped it was this week tfor support group.  Wrong but luckily realised before got ready.  Though valuable the support group has people I have little incommon with.  Perhaps it is a sign of maturing that no longer is wearing a dress sufficient to make me want to talk to people. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Somethings Gotta Change

Lets start with a little back patting, or positive stroking.  Couple of years ago I thought a good, if unattainable, target would be drinking espresso outside Carluccio's in Brighton.  Well, you saw this coming, last summer I did this almost but sitting inside, I think the sun was too bright, certainly I was not scared and later in the holiday had a caffitaire outside Red Roaster so even though not outside can give that one a good crossing off.  I hope to do something similiar when next in Brighton.  Here we go.  The problem is not being Sapphire but the times inbetween when this is not an option.  This is most of the time, and its not quite so bad that non Sapphire times are intolerable but there is something wrong.  OK some of it is the usual nothing to do life issues but some is definatly Sapphire related.
However today and last week did dress but on both occasions cut it short when could have dressed for longer.  Partly due to the cold possibly butr even so. On holiday there were a few occassions where it was a bit of a battle to put the makeup on. Having said that today I epilated which was quite painful as the haird were long but did left legs and arms.  Still on some sort of diet and still hitting the gym.  Will be and happy to do so, paying alot of money for Alison and Brighton.  Not sure what it all means. Of course there is the issue of the hormones.  Blue pill, red pill time again.  Would I take the antitranny pill if I could?  Well no,cannot say that, but in some ways  I would be happier without it.  Too late now probably.  What would I do with all the shoes!