Sunday, 24 April 2016

Well That Was Not Bad At All

Managed to finally do some pics and actually dress. The makeup went on quite quickly and easily, managed to find most of the clothes I was looking for and stopped at a time whick felt right. So all in all it went as well as can be expected. A first look at the pics and enough were OK. Need to really dress more it does calm me down. Been a few twinges with women wearing flats. If I had the time and space I could get proper backgrounds and up the quality of the pics, add a second flash unit and the pics would be better.
Starting to think about the holidays. The thyroid sadly came too late for ideal left alone for 3 weeks but even so it should be enough. The holiday is not going to be during Transpride Brighton, which I am curiously unworried about as last year it was well, underwealming, not sure what I expected but possibly the picnic on the beach would have been fun if  it had not been terrential rain. The return visit to the Transister venue was interesting but while it did emphasise how far I had travelled it also showed how far yet to go too.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pilates result

Shaved my legs today, feel it even now, lovely. The point is for the last 2 weeks I have been doing a lot of pilates leg work mostly and after the deforestation looked in the mirror and saw that it was good. Not a massive difference but ertainly more toned and a better look. We shall have to see whether it continues.  The abdomen looks better too, sadly there is still weight to lose but that may have to wait till the thyroid is resolved. All in allits good news. Soon will  be wearing shorst running so will get a slight tan too which will help. If the neice does goes sunday after next then there might, just might, be the possibility of some new pics. Came within a whisker of liberating the other flash yesterday, might yet happen. Be good to just dress yet alone really go for it.
Put in a bid for some stripper sandals from A~~~~~~ studio which got trashed by the flood. Would have liked the white booties which a rather wonderful gurl wore for some pics which left quite an impression but where probably too small. Where they would be sent to if I were to win then is anybodies quess but even so its an idea.
Moving on there is the question regarding holiday 2016. I keep going back to the bendy bus going back to Falmer, not uncomfortable but even so something awry.  Its cheap and cheerful, there is the walk a lot does still work. Its a tricky one.