Sunday, 19 June 2011


Another pic but not mine but assuming not infringing any copyright.  If so I'l remove it if asked. deep down who am I?  Isobella Rosselini, Catherine Denerve or Carole Bouquet but being born in the 1960's I also have to say Kay Kendall.  I have am tall. her nose is the result of plastic surgery after an accident.  Here it is.  Love the 50's early 60's look, thin waist, hats, heels, lots of work on appearance.  Then I appreciate reality kicks in.  Cosmetics in the 50's must have been awful, no artificial fibres, what would nail varnish have been like?   Fish tail dresses, want to walk in one of those?  Kay Kendell playing the trumpet in Genevieve.  Do me.  Died at 33 of leukaemia in 1959. Even beautiful things must die, but later would be nice.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Life is not neat and perhaps one of the functions of art is to make it appear so, discuss.  Anyway, August 2009 I went to Transvision at Brighton.  Big, big thing it was.  It warmed me for months. first time out to a club, big expectations.  It was not a success and I ended up vomiting in my bed, not the famous victory i was after.  Picture 1, left.  I was already drunk when this pic was taken, smelling very sweaty, talked to no one,  felt bad about it all.  Lets call it my Dieppe moment.
Turn to pic 2.  1 and a half years later.  In a club, dressed there, very much in control of things.  Limited comparisions but this is real life.  Taken in a toilet again, bit thinner more experienced, same wig, sex acts had taken place.A couple of months before I had been in Brighton and dressed on2 evenings gone out to Legends, had drink,  chatted with Tgurls

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Heisenberg Uncertaincy Principle

No dressing for 3 weeks now, not good really but not crawling up the walls as I have done!  The cold for the last week has helped but meant a potential window did not happen!  How much more would I like to dress, take pics, go out?  Well I do not know but if the Brighton evidence is anything to go by not every night but more frequently.  In the current environment it would require a very significant change for that to happen.  Having said that it might just which may be some comfort if it does occur.  So here's the nub of the matter.  What am I?  TS/TG something else, confused or just making the best of it?  What does the fact that it all kicked off in my 40's mean?  Does that suggest its not a deep, inner core part of me?   Will attempt to "push the envelope" more at Brighton.  The thing is when dressed I feel no different, it just feels usual.. Out going to Jodies was no sense of being odd, more worried about people's reactions than anything else.  This takes us to the drive which I do feel to dress  and go out.  There is something there,  deny it at your peril.  Back to the beginning again.

You cant get what you want Joe Jackson