Friday, 27 January 2017

Honey, I'm Home

Mary Tyler Moore died yesterday, she was 80 and apparently had big proble swith diabetes. I never saw the DickVan Dyke show but did see The Mary Tyler Moore Show where Mary Richards was a single woman in mid 1970'sAmerica and was trying to "have it all" with hilarious consequences but still with groundbreaking ideas such as a single woman having a career and being treated with respect. There is a bit in the opening sequence where she is giving her trademark smile and throws up her, no doubt crocheted beret into the air, at the joyof living. This scene wasgently mocked in Rhoda but it feels right. Think I have mentioned this before but these moments are what I look for being the girl.  They have been there, a look throught he blog will reveal them, in The Signalman with a smokey fire, crossing the road at the Clocktower they have happened. Granted I have moved on and done more so I no longer look for them. Thats it really. You do not look for them they creep up on you.
Found myself worrying about Trump, hopefully wrongly. Prefer to believe that once freedoms have been won they somehow become ingrained so people no longer say "lets be nasty to group x" or lets get tough on abortions. Mary Richards would be too classy for that and be nice to gays or Trans people, as really people shoild be but in 70's America or UK it was not too likely to happen. Audry Hepburn is reported to have been happy to potray a lesbian in one of her films but though her public were not ready for it. Once people see that other groups are just normal nice people then they treat people nicely. lets hope so and that they continue to do so.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Getting Heavy

It is sunday late afternoon and I have ran 10.55 miles which was not too difficult. Weighed myself after rehydrating and its as bad as I thought it would be. 12 st 7 lb. Have not been that weight since say 2006-7. Not sure what to say or do really. It may be the thyroid but last time didnot get so bad and so heavy. It has to show but not as badly as it did when I was the weight last time.
In 2 weeks have an appointment with the consultant so will see what that yields. Hopefully the weight will come off easier this time.
Would be good to dress soon, possibl get a chance tomorrow. Still have not sorted out Spring 2017 but its the early evening , been out all day, all gone well, sitting there in a Starbucks or whatever and having a coffee its about 5 or 6ish and I have food and alcoholic drink for the evening. Partly I suppose its the normality of it all; here is a woman sitting down after a had days shopping, having a coffee and then going to her room.Not even going out with the girls later but thats OK ish.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016, So-So Really

OK 2016, how was it?  Not ideal, not good, lets blame the thyroid. Put on too much weight, low motivation but the holiday was better than last year. Not enough pics but on the whole better pics. Second New Years Eve not dressed, that burned. February was good, Liverpool and Manchester, no complaints there. Summer 2016, well. Lots of dressing, outdoor pics, some nice indoor pics too, new wig. Almost forgot, 2 hours at The Boudoir, that was better than expected. Glad I did it but could see the limitations to it. Sadly Imageworks closed down. No pics printed this year. Do miss the Support Group meetings. Slightly surprised at that.
Cannot really say there has been any progression this year, treading water at best but lets blame th ethyroid and any year where I do Liverpool and London dressed has to be a success. So really it was not too bad but lets hope the thyroid when sorted allows for more dressing. Then again J is still boyfriend less so that put a crimp on things. Ideally try to find a second place to dress. Put on too much weight but lets try a diet.
Hopefully in 2017 there will be a good February and summer holiday.