Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lets have some good news

Spent 2 days in Brighton.Down wednesday and back saturday.  Stayed at Legends, Britians largest gay hotel.  If can get a quite room then may stay there next year summer.Thursday spent at London, Alison Dale, not sure how that went.  Needs a bit more thinking about.  Spent wednesday night in Leegends bar, Tammy drag karoake, not sure about thursday night, but was there friday night.  OK this is the BIG thing.  Got up friday, shaved, put makeup on, dressed en femme, had breakfast went all round Brighton and had one change of dress and in evening legends bar.  From 9.00am to say 11.00pm.  Out 9.30am till 8.00pm.   No probnlems at all.  Felt fine, talked to shop assistants and bar maids, went to MAC, did the Body Modification gallery at Brighton museum, the Pavilion gardens, walked along Western Road, Hove library, Hove Museum, Long Tall Sally, The Signalman pub at London Road station, KFC at Preston Circus.  Even several female toilets, bit uncertain about that one. The Lanes, The Hand in Hand pub in Kemptown.  How it should be.  Massive boost.  It was so easy.