Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Manchester so much to answer for

I have just about finished packing for Manchester, needed 100 L pack, not full but more full than would have liked, and I had to ditch the boots.  So be it suppose. Thursday will be the dressing service, planning on going there dressed but of a challenge but why not?  Friday is still up in the air Ideally Canal street on the evening but shall see, printed out a route to get there. Need to ideally buy a pair of holdups, should not be a game stopper, trying to dial down my expectations for it all.  Be good to see how good I can look now.  Still eating too much, the hormones have made the nipples more prominent. Actually that is a bit worrying.
Two big black bags of clothes in car. Will need to clear room before leaving tomorrow. There is a lot od stuff swirling around so a result would be good.  In a sense just being away might be enough.  Couple of days away, few baths, change of scenery. Mind you its costing enough but sometimes you need somthing to look forward to.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Finally doing it

Not posted much this month, not quite sure why. Anyway finally did some new pics.  Forgot how much of a battle it was. Put up background, setup tripods, flash, camera get it allready.  Makeup takes at least half an hour, contact lenses, finding clothes, shoes. Anyway after all that,to the pics themselves.  Again to get a good pic is a challenge.  Once anything half decent was good enough, not now.
Big concern about being too fat.  Well probably just OK on that front, perhaps best to cut down and exercise more but just about OK.  No big wow moment sadly but feel better for doing it. 
Tidied up bedroom for the off on wednesday. Still stuff to hide but getting there. Getting the new MAC powder helps. Really need thursday to go well, friday too would be good.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sort of a MOT

In late october I shall be going to a dressing service. This is the first time since 2012. Been spending some time and £30 getting some clothes which may be appropiate for one of the sets. The problem is I am fatter, not too badly granted and I look older. One of the aims of the session is to see how good I can go. Donot feel ready to stop doing that sort of pic but even so there is a sense that am on borrowed time.
A slight possibility has been sort of bubbling up recently.  Several girls have mentioned getting too old for it and hanging up their heels.  I do not feel that way, possibly as still want to do more as I came late to the party and feel there is still a bit of mileage in me yet. The problem is the face is looking older. The second point is that transition was always seen as a possiblity even if a remote possibility but the though of being an old woman and transition loses a lot of its charm. Possibily we have reached almost some stable state, dress more, get out more but not transition, as its too late in the day for me. Not saying that there is not a fair bit to go but that transition may not be part of it.  just a thought and not for definite. Needs much more work and might be wrong.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Breaking my duck

It is 23.10 on a sturday night.  I have finally managed to dress.  Its OK.  No makeup and taking it easy.  Just taken wig off.  Ah, thats better. No big feelings in stomach or brain but sense of normality.  next saturday will go for some pics probably. As ever, a lot is working.  Still spending too much time thinking about Manchester.  Bladder being a bit naughty too.  The thought of doing Liverpool dressed is rather fun.  Hit the Palm House, DSLR in bag.  After all there is a LGBT event at the old post office there.
Feel better have finally dressed though chosing not to was my decision.  Not sure why. As ever from the front look not too bad but from the side the ribs are too large.  This post is not really coming so will stop here. Hopefully better tomorrow.