Sunday, 9 October 2011

Keep calm and keep posing

Sometimes you go through a set of pics you have taken and see one which you just KNOW will be good. You put it through Photoshop, not long, just a few clicks, post it and very little else happens.  It is not picked up by many people and so there it sits.  I did a bunny girl set which I thought ticked all the boxes, wrong.  Been here before.  Expect to be liked by the Flickr elite and no joy  only get the pervs and loyal fans, thank you you know who you are.  Each year I wonder whether its worth contining with Flickr, each year I pony up the money.  Perhaps if I had outdoor pics with other gurls,,natural pics bt no I rely on skin and long legs.   Only one thing worse than being talked about and thats...Oh crap another downer post.  On the plus side, could allways start the leaving nice comments game rather than an English ideal of assuming the pic will sell its self.  perhaps there is a certain purity in that.