Monday, 10 February 2020

Back Behind The Lens

Got a new camera on tuesday. Not having a good camera does not feel right somehow! Yesterday on sunday I did some pics. There was half a plan to do some today but that didnot happen, thats OKish.
I took it slow and was realistic, will not go into the technical details of the shoot just to say I got a very workable solution producing perfectly acceptable pics. Not totally there yet but promising shall we say.
Did a bodystocking set. I used to be 11 st 4 in my heyday but am not 12 st 10 ish. I am prepared to allow a certain amount of special pleading regarding muscle mass but even so the body looks larger. The abdomen especially. It is accepted that there is weight to lose but the pics could be better. The legs once my pride and glory are more muscular the thighs bigger.
A certain amount of special pleading is required here. The body still looks pretty good all things considered and the pics are not embarassing by any means. There is not the sense that I should be packing it in at all. Used Kryolan stick which is better for pics. Certainly the red lipstick helped as did the red wig. The too opaque stockings were not a success and will not be repeated. There was no zing moment but I do feel the benefit and putting on the makeup went well, that can be a bad time.
The corset, well, its always a battle tightening up solo and so it was again. The bottom once looked quite pert, no longer but again still not too bad. The sense is that more pilates is required.
There should be enough for say 4 or fresh new pics to go up, possibly something for Xhamster too.
Once when J and K went to the cinema I would just go for it. Makeup on pics ahoy! You could pretty well just put the flash on the bannister, frame up the camera and go, firing away. It all worked. The sony alpha 58 well it never was good really but I perservered and did find workarounds but it would be wrong to say I was ever really comfortable with it. I knew it needed changing but was worried about buying another dog and the thyroid did its thing and well whatever happened happened.
Hopefully there will be more pics now.

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