Thursday, 9 August 2018

Still Here

I am still here and not really so sure why have not posted for such a long time. The Spring holiday was the marathon and the gurl was not part of that. I suspect also the thyroid has been naughty too. There has been dressing and even some new pics but what comes back so strongly is how much work it is, all the items are packed away and its a bit of a battle to get them. Also it is so very mentally traumatic getting dressed and then not being dressed.
Lets be fair the gurl has also been unlucky too. The 2 hours at Jodi's was blighted by the food poisoning, I felt tired and off. That was so naughty. Two bags of gurl did go down to Brighton but it hardly happened. The heat was very oppressive and in a wig would have been vile. The walk was in male mode but it was cur down anyway. There was a gurl day and very nice it was too, it was easy and just got on with it. White wine spritzer in Legends, pic in museum, cannot complain. Even the sense of a couple of wow moments, hip wiggle.

Yes well, feel a bit cheated about summer 2018.

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