Friday, 5 October 2018

Fright Night

I have a plan for the Halloween photoset and today made a start, granted half hearted, on finding things. Bought a £20 sort of corset with a bit of lace but it was too short, shame. However the lace cape and veil shows promise.  Even found the red shoes I would like to use. Got a Gothic choker and gloves in the post, well somewhere in the post, and hopefully they will make a difference.  The problem was did not put any makeup on and one holdup wouldn't so it was never going to look good. Sadly the abdomen looked too big somehow. Sot of knew this, 12 st 7 lb after all but the not good enough corset/dress seemed to accentuate it somehow. Still I will go back and tidy up the chaos and possibly create some fresh mess as well.
Having said that I did feel the benefit of even a slight dip into the world of the girl. Found the white, well  not any more, what would you call it, well a bustier which I got in the first visit to Lacies. It is probably fair to say that I have never got so much enjoyment from dressing as I did those initial times.
I shall be able to hit he gym again and will be trying to do some runs so hopefully that will help in getting the body into a better shape. Got to keep a sense of perspective, its not too bad and  have not let myself go too badly. It would be very nice to get to 11 st say 7 but as it is dipping under 12 st would be good. Also I prefer to believe that I am more muscular now and that is reflected in my weight, there is probably a fair degree of truth in that too.
Lets blame the thyroid for everything, from being not ideally shaped, to the lack of desire to dress to only going out once dressed when on holiday. Actually there food poisoning is also implicated to be honest. Had a drink at Legends, white wine spritzer, if only I had brought my reading glasses. It was a very easy day and no problems.
Almost forgot, had a 2 hour session at The Boudoir; pics, pics, pics;

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