Friday, 2 November 2018

Problems With Pics

Partly due to one of the cats being ill it was not possible to do the Halloween shoot on 2 Saturdays. However last Monday I did actually get done as much as it was reasonable to do. It was helped by having everything in bags already so it very much just needed to be dragged out and done. From about 9 am to 11 ish with interludes between to wash merino and other things I got ready and put on makeup for the first time in some time. By 12 I was in front of the camera and by 1.45 there were 180 pics in the full SD card. As ever it was a right battle and psychologically draining but very glad to get pics sorted. There was a plan to use the fake blood but this did not happen but that's OK ish.
I suspect now its the fear, sort of, being caught which makes it so difficult, well that set anyway.
For the next pics hopefully I can just use the flash as I used to, this shot had 2 lights as well and a complicated set with a certain amount of dressing.
Must make a real effort to dress and put up pics, so far there has been rather a lot of recycling. There are psychological questions to be asked too. I still deep down feel trans but and not dressing nearly so much.
Flickr were taken over by SmugMug not so long ago and so it was probably only a matter of time before they pulled a fast one. As of January 2019 a free account will olny be allowed 1,000 pics. I have 1,700. I will have  to upgrade to Pro. Probably not a lot of money but even so. We shall see what finally does happen. For a lot of Ts/TG the Internet is vitally important, possibly you can include me I that statement.

Its a bit of a warning too. There is over 8 years pics there and it has been a big emotional investment over that time. Probably will pony up the money, last time went pro they immediately set me to unsafe which rather put me off. I have worried about losing the blogs too and really need to sort out more backups. This blog has been important to me and I would not like to lose it. Been thtough a lot of dear diary moments with it. Accept that things move on eventually but well its caused me to have a bit of a rethink.

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